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Branding is telling—and essentially, selling—a story. Building a brand is not just about the logo, font, or color you use to identify your company or product. The main objective of branding is to communicate to your target market your brand’s story, value, and philosophy. It is what differentiates your company from the rest.

Below are essential branding statistics every entrepreneur should know.

General Branding Statistics

Branding statistics are essential touchpoints you can use to check the pulse of your target market. Insights on branding can help you evaluate your industry from a unique perspective and positively impact your community. Given the variety of platforms for engagement today, branding statistics can help you improve your brand online and offline.

  • A company has 10 seconds to catch its viewer’s attention with its logo so they can remember it.
  • Brand exposure is 3.5 times higher for brands that are shown regularly than those that aren’t shown as often. 
  • 94% of buyers say they’re more likely to recommend a brand if they feel a personal connection. Social media makes it easier to connect with consumers in this way. 
  • 90% of buyers expect a unified brand experience on a brand’s media and marketing platforms. 
  • According to 77% of marketing experts, branding is vital to company success. 
  • 72% of overseas buyers are committed to at least one brand.

Branding Stats on Customer Loyalty, Trust, and Retention

Loyalty and trust between a brand and its consumers are keys to a great relationship. They facilitate customer retention. Retaining loyal customers fosters trust in the brand, allowing you to attract new customers and expand your business. 

Using review management services can help in client retention. When prospective buyers see that you can retain customers, it gives them the confidence to do business with you.

Brand Stats on Marketing

When you present your product or service to potential clients, you must feature your brand’s distinct style across the board. Regardless of your marketing strategy, how your target market reacts to your branding strategy influence the result of your overall marketing campaign.

Branding Stats on Personalization

Brand personalization enables you to accentuate the elements of your brand that are most compelling to your target audience.

  • According to 87% of consumers, personally relevant content impacts their perceptions about a brand.
  • 81% of shoppers want businesses to understand who they are and when they should advertise.
  • 77% of consumers prefer, promote, or spend more for brands that offer personalized experiences.
  • 73% of buyers prefer brands that tailor their shopping experience.
  • 75% of consumers in the US feel they are more inclined to stay with brands that get them personally.

The Proof Is in The Pudding

As the branding statistics above show, building a brand is crucial to achieving your business goals. Working with a PR team to help you construct or revamp your brand is a great idea. At pr.business, our staff is here to help you build a successful brand identity.

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