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At least 97% of smartphone owners text regularly. (Pew Research Center) Texting is becoming the most popular communication channel used by users. The use of texting and technology is advancing and growing year by year. As soon as this form of communication became popular. Business owners saw this as an opportunity to engage with their customers. This tool has become an important tactic. One that allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition. We have researched 4 important statistics that as a business owner you should pay close attention to. These four statistics correlate well with the services we provide at TextMyCompany.

78% say that it is the fastest way to reach them (Transactional Messaging Consumer Report by Vibes, 2016)

Today’s consumers rely on the convenience of technology. U.S. consumers agree that receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases. It is no surprise that today’s adult generation prefer to receive text messages. The millennial age adults (ages 18 to 40) are considered to be busier than ever before. (Forbes, 2012)

85% conversion Rate (Salesforce, 2016)

Enabling text messaging on your current business number to interact with your clients will fix the risk of a lower click rate. SMS conversion rate can be as high as 85%. Emailing is only around a 10% conversion rate depending on the marketing campaign. (Marketing Insider Group, 2018) The impressive average conversion rate for text messages makes it an easy decision that it is time for all businesses to make the switch and text enable your current business landline.

90% Read Rate- (Marketing With 98 Percent Read-Rate and 10 More Compelling Stats
Adobe Blog, 2015)

“90 percent are read within 3 seconds. Just think how long it takes between your phone chiming for an incoming text and your hand moving to it.” The advantage of text messaging is that the delivery rate is within seconds of sending. This form of communication is now faster than email with 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, because there are no email spam filters.

78% Prefer Text Conversion (Medium, 2017)

“Nearly 78% of people would like to have a text conversation with a business.” Today’s consumers value personal relationships with businesses where they spend time and money. If you take the time to get to know your clients and provide them with exceptional service, they are likely to view your service positively. Having the ability to reach your customers at all times is important. Being capable of using different channels to communicate with customers will help your relationships grow.



Are you still thinking about whether or not you should engage with your customers through text messaging? Think about how you spend most of your time communicating with friends and family. A large amount of us will find that we spend more time on messaging apps over any other app. Chances are your consumers use the majority of their cell phone time engaging and through sending text messages back and forth as well. Take the next step toward technology innovation and text enable your business landline phone number through our services. Click here to find out more!

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