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Facebook is a powerful money-making tool. So why have so many businesses failed to make the platform profitable?

Some argue, “It takes money to make money.” That’s not always true! There’s much more to Facebook than Facebook ads.

Social media marketing is all about building a relationship with the client. The more impressions you make, the more likely you’ll gain new customers – and keep them.

Here are 5 ways your business can create more followers (and make more money) without having to shell out more money.

#1: Events. Host your events on Facebook. Never waste the opportunity for facetime with the client. The more personable your relationship with the audience, the stronger the connection they’ll feel with you. Clients don’t like to feel like numbers. They want to know you’re loyal to them and that they aren’t communicating with a robot. They want to see how your product or service can solve one of their problems or enhance an aspect of their lives. Broadcast your events on Facebook to keep them in the loop with your company’s events and activities.

#2: Contests. Contests achieve two different objectives. They engage the customer with your brand, and they give your product or service more in-person exposure. Free prizes and samples are a great tool for increasing a client’s likelihood of spending money with your business. The secret to business success is the golden rule – “give.” If you own a professional cleaning business, perhaps reward you clients with three complimentary cleaning sessions. This will give you the chance to expose your service, gain in-person interaction, and seal the deal for repeat business.

#3: Interactive Posts. Facebook is a two-way street. From online quizzes to Facebook Live, keep your Facebook followers, sharing, liking, and commenting. The best thing a company can do for its Facebook platform is to create media and content that goes viral. In the digital world, it’s hard to keep anything worthwhile a secret on the internet. Stay a step ahead of the competition by creating personalized messages to your audience, sharing video commercials, and gleaning as much information from them as possible. When you get feedback from clients, you get raw data on how you can create more successful products, and enhance the ones you have.

#4: VIP Groups. When it comes to building customer retention, “loyalty” is the objective. By building a community among your clients, you create the feeling of exclusivity. Everyone desires to feel special and set apart. Exclusive VIP groups are a great way to pinpoint a more qualified audience for advertising, and it’s great for keeping the client hooked on your brand. Not only will they have the opportunity to interact with your team, but they’ll have the chance to communicate with other VIP members too. If you’re business is geared towards handymen, they can exchange project ideas all on your business’s Facebook platform. (It becomes a version of free advertising for your business.)

#5: Special Offers. Never underestimate the power of a sale. Always find an excuse to show the customer appreciation with a discount. Studies show that consumers are more inclined to spend more money with a business when coupons and sales are provided. The law of scarcity (adding a soon-approaching timestamp) is a great way to seal the day. Consumers are primarily driven by greed or fear, so a short-lived sale appeals to both motivations. Hit the client with sales in waves.

Who is Managing Your Brand on Facebook?

The best way to fully maximize these 5 tactics is to have the right team in place. Why try to manage your own brand on Facebook or hire a social media expert for $55K when you can get top-notch results for a decimal of the cost?

Here at pr.business, we offer a team of expert social media analysts, content writers, and graphic designers who are masters in building brands, winning over customers, and increasing retention across all social media platforms – including Facebook.

Best of all, our team specializes in helping small- to medium-sized business owners – just like you. If you’re ready to turn Facebook into a revenue-generating, customer-saving machine, reach out to pr.business today at 1-800-266-0219.

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