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You only get one chance to make a first impression. And those can last for a while. No matter your industry, your website is your “hello” to everyone online.

You can’t risk throwing together a subpar website for the sake of having one. It can damage your brand, and it will be a waste of time and energy.

So make sure you do it right! And if you don’t have a website at all. Kiss your company goodbye! In today’s digital world, without one, your company doesn’t exist.

Here are 7 proven ways to nail your website the first time around.

#1: Use a Reliable Platform Like WordPress. WordPress is a simple, reliable platform that web designers use to build high-quality websites – especially for small- to medium-sized businesses. With WordPress, business owners can brand the site with their own logos. Sixty-one percent of consumers trust a branded website. If a business doesn’t have a presence to begin with, think of the 60% of new business you could be losing out on.

#2: Best SEO Practices. Most businesses hire an SEO expert that will tell you the best keywords to use to beat your competitors. After analyzing the markets, keywords are riddled through your website. WordPress offers many SEO-maximizing add-ons like Elementor. Your SEO expert will use this software to imbed meta tags in both the content and media included in your website. Moving forward, your SEO expert would periodically see how successful your SEO is. Is your website at the top of the list in Google or Yahoo? An SEO expert will track this crucial information for your website.

#3: User-Friendly Site. The quickest way to turn off a potential is with a hard-to-use website that is filled with complicated jargon. Simplicity is the goal here. An experienced graphic designer or web programmer can accomplish a nice clean layout for your business.

#4: Easy Contact Access. Make it easy for the consumer to reach out to you. It’s a staple for your telephone number and physical address to be on your website. You’ll also want contact lead forms on your website as much as possible. This makes it easy for the consumer to send you a message without leaving the platform.

#5: Mobile-Friendly Version. Studies show that over 80% of consumers use their mobile devices to search for companies and services online. There’s no point in having a picture-perfect website if it looks unprofessional or disorganized on your cell phone. You need a web developer who can give you two websites in one: a desktop-friendly version and mobile-friendly one.

#6: Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. Communication is everything. Include reviews and testimonials from your current customers on your site. Studies show that 66% of consumers trust online consumer opinions (reviews). Not only should you post feedback, but your website should glean it as well. This will help make your current services and products better. It will also give you fresh ideas for making brand-new products.

#7: Link to Social Media Pages. As a branding expert, we know that consistency is important for maintaining a strong presence. You’d need a social media expert to establish your brand across all of the major social media platforms, like Facebook. Then, your web programmer would include your Facebook widget on your website. This gives brand-new clients the opportunity to access all of your online platforms from one location.

Who is Managing Your Website for You?

The best way to fully maximize these 10 best practices is to have the right team in place. Why try to manage your own website or hire an SEO expert for $70K when you can get top-notch results for a decimal of the cost?

Here at pr.business, we offer a team of expert web designers, coders, content writers, and graphic designers who are masters in building brands, winning over customers, and increasing retention with state-of-the-art websites.

Best of all, our team specializes in helping small- to medium-sized business owners – just like you. If you’re ready to turn your website into a revenue-generating, customer-saving machine, reach out to pr.business today at 1-800-266-0219.

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