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Leveraging Smart Assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and most recently, Amazon Alexa is a great way to get more coverage for your business. Today’s smart devices are now capable of so much more, and millions of consumers and businesses alike are adapting to this convenient new technology. 

By adding your business to and utilizing the popularity of Alexa, you can increase the chances of your products and services appearing on user searches, allowing your business to reach more people and grow its market. 

Below you can find out how you can get your business listed on Amazon Alexa.

How To Get Listed On Amazon Alexa 

  • Make Your Business Information Accessible 

Amazon Alexa, like other voice search platforms, retrieves business information that can be located within their respective directories. If you want the most exposure possible, you’ll have to make sure that your information is available and complete on the directories accessed by Amazon Alexa.  

A voice listing service such as Voice Command, can sync your business information to the directories accessed by Amazon Alexa. 

  • Optimize For Local Search 

When people use voice search, it’s often to look up a local business. It’s not hard to imagine that most people use the words “near me” whenever they make a search for a specific product or store. Take full advantage of this and optimize your content for local searches. You can do this easily by including your location information on the directories accessed by Amazon Alexa and on your website, and then making sure that other details such as contact information is also available. 

  • Build an FAQs Page 

Voice searches are usually done in a conversational tone—a stark contrast to how most people use search engines. Instead of typical search keywords like “Big Mac price NY”, voice searches generally ask “how much does a Big Mac cost in New York?”  

That presents an opportunity to drive even more traffic to your business through the use of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. By anticipating the questions your customers will likely ask, you make it easier for voice search assistants to retrieve information about your business and present them to your potential customers.  

Get a Business Listing on Amazon Alexa Now 

Voice Command can get you a business listing on Amazon Alexa. They do this by listing your business information (location, hours, phone number, specific products and services you offer, if you deliver, and more) to the directories accessed by Amazon Alexa 

Voice search is uncharted territory for a lot of businesses, but Voice Command is here to help with unique optimization solutions and innovative ideas. 

Contact the voice search pros over at https://voicecommand.net/ to find out more about getting your business listed on Amazon Alexa. 


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