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Getting listed in an online business directory can help amplify awareness about your brand and attract potential leads for your business across different channels.  

While wide reach is offered by Google My Business, Facebook, and Bing Place, it’s also beneficial to be included in directories that are specific to your location and business category of business. This would help you obtain not only greater visibility but more productive traction as well. 

Let’s look at the major online directories you can and other sites for niche markets. 


Top Business Listing Sites:  

  • Google My Business 

This is the business directory of the world’s most-visited site. Google My Business has more than 2.6 billion active users per month 

Adding your enterprise here can help your company be discovered via Google Search and Google Maps.  

  • Facebook Business Page 

Being accessible on Facebook is crucial as 43% of netizens use social media to know more about a product, a service, or a place. Moreover, 26% of millennials use social media to reach out to companies. 

And by being on Facebook Places or listing your space under the “local business or place” category Platform users can find your physical store or office more quickly. 

  • Bing Places for Business 

Next to Google, Bing is the second most widely used search engine, being the default search engine of products running on Microsoft Windows. Although it only has a 5.53% share of the global search market (as of January 2020), which is very small compared to Google’s 87.35%, a huge chunk (over 33%) of its users are people from the U.S.A., and it might still help American businesses to be present in this space.  

If your business is already listed on Google, you can import your listing to Bing by clicking “Import from Google My Business now” on the Bing Places for Business dashboard. 

  • Apple Maps Connect

Three out of four Apple device users refer to Apple Maps when searching for a business location on the web, so it’s worth getting listed on this site. Here, you can      also indicate if your business accepts Apple Pay transactions to further optimize your Apple presence.

  • Yelp

Yelp continues to be a popular review site, with 85% of customers usually leaving a positive message about a business after being satisfied with the service they received. An account in the site allows you to communicate with Yelpers (Yelp reviewers) and potential customers publicly and privately. You can use the platform to provide price quotes, receive appointments or bookings, and answer queries. Yelp also allows you to manage reviews and track page visits, clicks, and other user information. 

  • Instagram for Business  

90% of Instagram users follow Instagram business accounts, so it’s another social media channel worth investing in. Its highly visual content and features, such as its augmented reality feature for virtual “try-ons”, appeal highly to the 34 and below age bracket. 

  • LinkedIn, Glassdoor 

Beyond being employment portals, these sites can expand your professional network and turn contacts into leads for your sales team. 


Listing Sites for Niche Markets:  

You can get your company listed on the following sites, depending on your sector: 

  • Foursquare, Manta  

Through these sites, small businesses can promote services and deals and interact with customers. 

  • DoorDash, GrubHub 

Restaurants and food businesses can post their menus and their food delivery and pick-up information.  

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