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Online reviews can have a high impact on your business. What your customers say about your business can influence customer perceptions as well as their purchase decisions—but you don’t have full control over what’s being said about your business online. A business’s online reputation is what makes it trustworthy to its audience. This is why maintaining a positive online reputation, as well as customer engagement, is crucial for businesses. 

90% of consumers turn to online reviews prior to visiting a business and 88% of them trust these reviews like they would a personal recommendation. As a business owner, how do you effectively manage reviews to improve your online reputation?  

Online Review Management and Its Importance 

Online reviews can make or break a business. When customers read even one negative review, a business can risk losing as many as 22% of its customers. Imagine what could happen if there are more negative reviews about a business. Three negative reviews can mean a loss of 59.2% of a business’s customer base. Negative reviews can drive away as many as 94% of potential customers, while even inconsistencies can impact your business negatively.  

What do all these have to do with online review management? Simply put, online review management refers to how you monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews. This should complement your business’s marketing strategy, as well as work toward the goal of improving your business’s performance. It is a crucial component to maintain if you want to keep a positive brand identity. 

Effectively managing your online reviews is key to improving customer perceptions, increasing revenue, and maintaining a credible, professional image.  

How to Manage Online Reviews 

Managing online reviews isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially for business owners who already have a lot on their plate. Handling negative reviews in particular can become especially tricky. Aside from responding promptly, you need to admit your lapses, address any inaccuracies, and work to remedy the said lapses.  

Reviews911 offers business owners an effective online review management platform that can help you generate, monitor, and respond to customer reviews. It enables you to easily get in touch with your customers where they are most engaged while making collecting reviews easier.  

You can reach out to your customers via email and text message, making it easier for your customers to give their feedback. This platform also notifies you whenever new feedback is posted, allowing you to quickly take appropriate action and get in touch with your customers at the time they’re most engaged. You’ll also be able to quickly respond to all feedback in just one click. 

Reviews911 offers two packages: monthly and annual, both of which have basic and pro options. These plans don’t involve any contracts or commitments.  

By working with Reviews911, you get to take more proactive control of your business, manage your brand, and resolve any issues by way of effective review management. 

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