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A Siri business listing is the information that Siri pulls about a business, such as its industry type, name, address, phone number, hours of operations, services, & more. 

Consumers use Siri to access information about your business and Siri will only recommend your business to them if you have a Siri business listing. This means business owners must have a Siri business listing if they want consumers to find them through Siri. 

Based on a 2019 survey, around 36% of the respondents use Siri, making it one of the most popular voice assistants that consumers use along with Google Assistant. The same survey also shows that about 47% of the respondents use digital assistants to search for information about a business. It’s also projected that by 2024, over 8 billion devices will be used for voice search. 

Because of the convenience, Siri offers and the forecasted increase in voice search usage, listing your business on Siri will allow consumers to find your business faster and potentially increase leads and profit for your business. 

How to Get a Siri Business Listing? 

Voice Command powered by pr.business is a voice listing service that lists businesses on Siri and other major voice assistants. 

They sync your business information (name, address, store hours, phone number, and more) to Siri. This way Siri has your information and can recommend your business to consumers when they are voice searching for your business on Siri. 

You can learn more about listing your business on Siri by visiting https://voicecommand.net/pages/siri-business-listing 

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