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Do you ever wish you could text your customers to reach them faster? You can now communicate with your customers via text. The best part is that you will be able to keep that landline phone number your business has used from the start. 

Phone calls that lead to you leaving a voicemail are so last year! Transition your business to match the new up and coming trends. At TextMyCompany, we can easily enable your existing landline phone number to be able to send and receive text messages. Keep in mind that you do not need to change your current business phone number. Once you sign up we do the work of text enabling your existing phone number. Once the number is text enabled depending on, your package you will be able to monitor your text messages via email or through our TextMyCompany portal. In our easy to use SMS portal, you will be able to create, send, and receive all of your text messages in one place! 


Texting Infographic

As the years go by and new trends arise, it is necessary to be aware of new business tactics. Right now, we urge you to join the texting trend for your business. Stand out from your competition, by offering communication, not everyone has. Trulio research found that 31% of 18-24-year-olds, 32% of 25-34-years-olds, 31% of 25-44-year-olds, 24% of 45-54-year-olds and 24% of 55 and up all prefer text messaging with a business over all other channels. Customers will now be able to reach you the way that they prefer through text messaging! In today’s world, consumers live a busy day-to-day lifestyle. It is all about the hustle and bustle and being able to do it all conveniently. You will discover that texting will make your life easier by avoiding wasting time and money playing phone tag with customers. 

Convenience is possibly the most influential motivator we experience as consumers. Take a look at how communication has evolved throughout the years, and you will see how technology has progressed and improved the ways that we can communicate. In today’s population, 89% of people agree that they would prefer to text with a business. (Twilio)

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