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Happy customers mean more customers knocking on your door. It’s true when you receive more positive reviews, it increases your business’ credibility. According to a recent Forbes article, a survey found that (1) 90% of consumers read local reviews before making a shopping decision. (Marketing Land, 2013) (2) 88% of consumers, said that they trust online reviews, as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.

Survey on satisfaction

 Your Business Needs A Review Strategy: 

Did you know that (3) Google generates, on average, over 3.5 billion searches per day? As a consumer, you probably use a search engine to search for a variety of information. When the results appear, you will either call or visit the website of the business, which appears as the top result. For example, you are searching for an ice cream shop. When the results show, you’re more than likely to select one of the top three ice cream shops in your area.

Earning a positive reputation online is essential. (4) 72% of consumers stated that they trust a business more when it has positive reviews online. When searching online, small businesses are pushed to the bottom of searches by large companies sharing the same type of business. If you are wondering, “How can I get my business listed at the top of an online search”? Registering your business on an online directory is a start. These directories can improve your reach of potential customers by increasing your online presence across a variety of search engines.

 Effective Suggestions That Will Help You Generate Reviews:

Your customers want to hear from you! You should engage with your customers on social media platforms. Always respond to their questions and comments on time. Ask customers to submit testimonials about your business to use on your website. Don’t be modest, ask your customers to leave an online review about your business on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Offer them an incentive to leave a review such as a raffle prize, a gift card, or a coupon to use toward their next purchase. Regularly respond to all reviews about your business, if the customer gave a bad review, acknowledge their review.

Overall, reviews are a large part of your business’ success. Remember to look at all reviews as a positive review. The possibility for growth is always there, this means, that a bad review is a great way to guide your business on the right path.

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