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Navigation apps were designed to be the online counterparts to traditional maps. In other words, they were initially developed to help you determine where you are or help you get to your intended location.  

As Navigation apps continue to improve, just as do other technologies in this age, they begin to 
bring even more benefits to not only the user but also to the businesses that are listed on them.  

Users Rely on Navigation Apps to Discover New Places  

Navigation apps are highly popular because of the convenience they offer to users. The most well-known apps get millions of monthly active users per month. And as these apps continue to evolve, it’s likely that monthly users will increase over time. 

Estimates suggest that 67.6% of all smartphone users will use some form of navigation app by 2021. This figure is expected to continue its steady growth year after year.   

Meanwhile, a survey by Manifest shows that most people often use their navigation apps to help them find the easiest way to get to their location.  

Navigation apps maintain their steady growth because theyre crucial to people’s everyday lives. This is why many technological giants, such as Apple and Google, are constantly improving their navigation apps. The apps have become feature-rich and include updates that go beyond just merely telling you where you are in the world.  

How Navigation Apps Are Changing  

The biggest changeamongst navigation apps are all the features they continue to offer each yearFrom allowing users to favorite and share places they visited with their friends and family to booking appointments, these navigation apps keep evolving. Users of these apps not only benefit from these features, but businesses do as well. 

By getting listed on navigation apps and utilizing all the features they offerbusinesses can reach a wider market.  

Another factor that’s relevant for your business is that navigation apps have changed to include personalized choices as well. Using machine learning algorithms, navigation apps can give out recommendations that would appeal to users. This is all based according to a user’s preferences, such as preferred drinks, dishes, or activities. It’s highly crucial then, for owners, to share accurate information about their businesses. Aside from just showing up on the map, providing the complete and correct data for your customers to find your establishment is key to attract more customers.  

Optimize Your Business 

With the visibility that you get from navigation apps, you stand a higher chance of being recommended to potential clients. 

iMapping powered by pr.business helps you become more visible across all navigation and voice search platforms. From Google Maps and Waze to Amazon Alexa and SiriiMapping offers attractive packages that can suit your business’s needs. 

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